सारांश (Saransh) is a Tool for Comprehensive Self Review for Schools. It is created to equip schools to diagnose the scope of improvement in Students / Teachers / Subjects / Schools and take the necessary decision to improve the same. Saransh, as the name suggests, provides schools a complete snapshot and comprehensive drill down analysis to take actionable decisions. It is a powerful tool which covers the following :

  1. It is available for CCE (Class IX & X), PSA (Class IX & XI) and Class XII. It shows  you a complete comprehensive picture of Class X since 2007 and of Class XII since 2009 to the latest academic session.

  2. It helps you to look at your school performance in scholastic and co-scholastic areas at an aggregate level, and at the leve of each student in your school.

  3. All the performance metrics are presented through numbers as well as in charts/ graphs for easy understanding.

  4. It helps schools to compare their performance vis-à-vis all CBSE schools at various levels i.e., All India, Regional, State and within their school category (Government, Private , JNVs, KVs, and CTSA).